new design


how about adding a list of exemplars just above the Latest News bar … eg. industrial automation (Zoe), scripting, web servers, Alexa :wink:

Also, in the first code example, foreach is now for-each, and you don’t really need to check if the records block is empty as if it were, it just won’t do anything.


@gchiu I like the exemplars idea. Are you thinking just a block of content with a graphic / blurb describing each example, or should it actually link to something? (i.e. like some Rebol project that highlights this well)

Will fix up that code example too.


I think just a small graphic and some text. Doesn’t have to link, but for industrial automation then we could link back to Atronix.

I think we also need a panel that links to a page (for @hostilefork to write ) that explains the design evolution from Rebol2/3/Red to Ren-C which is the current incarnation of R3.

We don’t currently have a GUI so I’d suggest removing the example of VID.

Edit: Unless we link GUI capability to the Saphir branch maintained by Atronix?


An update …

  • fixed the Chrome scrollbar issue
  • fixed a bunch of wrapping issues on mobile
  • fixed the syntax issues in the code examples
  • fixed the syntax highlighting (it now uses a Rebol specific one)
  • replaced the VID code example with a parse one
  • updated the cross-platform bullet point to not mention GUI
  • added a panel for @hostilefork to talk about the evolution of Rebol 3

I think that was everything mentioned above. I am still working on the exemplars.

Should I go ahead with mockups for the other pages?


@gchiu The exemplars are up now. Let me know what you think.


Looking good.

BTW, bitwise OR is now OR* and AND is now AND*

And instead of using func with /local just use function which keeps locals private by default.

For the moment, the Community link can point to here, and the Download link should point to


Those things are done now. I will start working on a mockup for the Documentation pages. You mentioned using Discourse for comments earlier, and so I will looking into hooking that up to the documentation too.


I can’t see the end ] of the makeUUID function, and the 3rd line data is not needed since you’re not taking a parameter.

Documentation will be a tough page to do!


Oh, doh, yup you’re right. I removed that “data” now. Yea, that is only a snippet of the entire function. I wanted to show what a function looked like, as well as include a few built in functions like random and enbase… and that was the first example I could find in my code. I am open to replacing it or any of the other ones. Just wanted to get something up.


The full makeUUID function is submitted here, if anyone would like to review.

It’s been up over a year and no takers yet, lol :slight_smile:


If you have a GitHub account I can add you to so you can start adding your website source there, and we can also make content changes more easily.


Sounds good, my account on GitHub is …


Ok, I’ve invited you to but it gave me a message that iArnold had already invited you?


Yup, apparently you guys are crossing the proton streams, and are both inviting me at the same time :slight_smile:
He is doing it in the Stack Overflow chat as we speak, thought it was related. I still don’t have an email about it though, which is strange, but will keep looking out for it.


Ok, made a slight suggestion to your code. I haven’t tested for the rectitude of the UUID function itself!


Thank you, appreciate it !


In terms of documentation, we need to think about the resources on the existing

We already have the wiki from, the scripts from, and there was a third party mirror of the defunct mailing list though I can’t find it just right now. But I gather we’ll get the tarball of the current server and could recreate the search if there is enough interest/time/manpower for this.


Looks like Carl is travelling so looks like we won’t get the domain soon :frowning:


@BrianOtto Any updates for us to salivate over? :grin:


I’m still working through some issues, so it can be demo’d in a reasonably working state… but I can provide some screenshots tonight to show you what I’m working on :slightly_smiling_face: