Working with branches

@hostilefork has an ODBC branch in a different repository

So, to grab this branch we need to add it to git

So, in your ren-c directory where the git database is we

git remote add hostilefork
git fetch hostilefork odbc
git checkout odbc

And to switch back to use the main repo

git checkout master

Note the ODBC branch is not currently buildable except via CMake in Windows, in a rather ad-hoc way.

What has to happen is coordination with @szeng on how the evolving extension model will let you selectively build each extension or not, and either as a dynamic library or as part of the executable. It's published so that he can look at it. But I've given an executable to @gchiu to try just to see if the %odbc-test.reb works, and to suggest any table definitions or data types to challenge it which are important to have working.

If you want to create your own branch to work with, and then do a PR against master then

git checkout -b mynewbranch

which is a shorthand for

git branch mynewbranch
git checkout mynewbranch

which creates the new branch named in this case mynewbranch and once tested, you can do a PR to merge this with master.