Websocket Support in Oldes Rebol3

Looking to see what Oldes has been up to, he added some kind of minimal websocket support to the HTTP scheme:

FEAT: Minimalistic WebSocket support in the `httpd` scheme · Oldes/Rebol3@bae6cff · GitHub

Websockets isn't something I'm looking into at this time, but I wanted to bookmark it here in case it comes up later.

He also updated zlib to a new version released in 2022... and used Ren-C's %make-zlib.r to do it!. But he edited it so he'd be able to run it under his Rebol3. It's not a huge priority to do that update, but seems like since his ported script still worked, it might not be too hard. (And a good reminder that script exists, and should be part of a CI test...)

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