Use of Trello boards related to Rebol (Ren-C)


There are three Trello boards relevant to Rebol/ren-C currently. Should some of the content in these be re-organized or could the boards be consolidated or be re-named?

@gchiu, the detail you have on the community board re. bringing ren-C to parity with Rebol2 could maybe be part of the porting guide Trello, no?

@hostilefork, any opinion?


The community board is more of a user board at a much higher level then the others, and it seems more of a wish list seeing most of the cards have never been completed.

The other boards are more micro task oriented where there is single defined task that can be accomplished.

As for the parity card .. I guess each of those tasks could have been broken down further into micro-tasks. I don't see it as part of the porting guide yet which explains the changes needed to port code from r3 to ren-c.


Trello is a great tool. So much so that it puts the screws to people like me (and others I've known) who have always complained about organization tools not being good enough. We finally have to face the fact that it's no longer the tooling--we're just too lazy to keep organized, or don't really prioritize it enough.

I think it's good also for the debugger documentation, though it has been on hold a bit. I'd really like to figure out a way to minimize the amount of C code used in its implementation, kind of like how I've wanted to push the REPL development into userspace. Now that the REPL is in userspace with some reasonable formulation, I think I could probably wire something up that looks like what I want for single-stepping etc.

There's also a parse project trello, which I made when the old parse wiki went down. I think it's a pretty good example of the usage, with a card for each parse construct:

It works well for these purposes, and I like using it. Has a good way of letting you organize the view of things.

As for gathering notecards about various efforts, I feel like there's no shortage of things to work on. It would be better if people stuck to one project they were personally passionate about and polished it, instead of collecting a million unfinished ones!


I think at one point we wanted to see what people were working on to avoid duplication of effort. But that turned out to be overly optimistic!


The point I was actually trying to make was that the existing Trello boards I listed might be condensed or re-organized so that there would be only two. The first two seem to kind of overlap.