Spry language: rebol + smalltalk experimental language

Here is an interesting Rebol inspired experimental language that combines ideas from Rebol and Smalltalk. Its Implemented in Nim. http://sprylang.se/index.html

We have spoken with Goran before, when it was called "Ni".

(Out of nowhere, @iArnold decided to attack him for reasons that only @iArnold understands, which unfortunately he took seriously--despite that none of the rest of us do. I tried to clarify on that point...but he didn't come back...which is unfortunate!)

So much has happened since 2015 that it would be interesting to reconnect and find out what's been going on with that. There's really quite a lot to show off in Ren-C space, and maybe if he has hard design questions to talk about I can point him to what has been done or thought about here.

If anyone wants to try and rope him over to talk about what's on his mind or what he wants to show off, I'm game.

The reason I did what I did is because this guy was only interested in his own stuff and be an immense attention claiming force, distracting the developer of that other Rebol related language.

I would do it again if necessary. Nothing has changed but the name of his language. Only distractions to be gained, no mutual benefit.

another flamewar... seriously?

He came to StackOverflow, went through the trouble of creating an account and got the points to chat...due to coming by invitation specifically to talk about what he was working on. And even if he hadn't been asked to do so, it would have been fine to talk about what he was working on.

But given he was asked to come and do exactly what he did... your treatment was particularly out of line.

Then I would be more forceful in telling you to cut it out.

He can just use "ignore user" for Arnold--and vice versa--and the rest of us would be fine. So let Goran know that's totally an option and I've got his back all the way on that: :handshake:

I did not see any of that, nothing of the sort was even mentioned. All I saw was him apostolizing his work, winning souls from another small project. Bet you he would really get flamed if he tried to do so at any "serious" os project (Remember your Haiku experiences or the FreeBSD hospitality? Or the ongoing 'friendly' responses to questions ported on SO?) where there are more devs hanging around that are hardly given a chance to improve or add some code and might be tempted to join a smaller project.

But if you invite him here to do just the same, you have my word for it I will leave him alone.
After all even if he took things personal, it was not aimed at the guy personally.