Rye Language (?)

So here's another language which doesn't look very Rebol-like but is by Refaktor who is Rebol-inspired:

Notably, it is written in Go. (I've mentioned that increasingly I have been leaning toward modeling things after Go for a runtime. It would of course be easier to do by actually writing the runtime in Go, vs. trying to reproduce the effect in low-level C code. :frowning: )

It's probably very interesting, but I don't really feel like looking at it right at this moment. Maybe someone else can study it and explain what it's about in a reply here.

The main carry-away I'll take for the moment is the 1:1 language-designer:user ratio that Rebol users are inevitably converging toward.


This Rye language also is inspired by Rebol.
An odd thing that strikes me is that "inspired by" often means that a lot of Rebol is recognisable, and some changes have been made to not resemble Rebol too much, resulting in exchanging good choices by worse. In this case interchange squared brackets with horrible curly's.