Rebolbot future

Hi guys
I think it is time to turn off the old rebolbot server as I have not been using it for a while. @rgchris may still have a few things running on it, so this is a heads up that I plan to turn it off in the next month or so.
All the best,


Thanks for keeping it up... I didn't know it was around still!

We don't need an active RebolBot server. But it might be nice to put it under GitHub CI to prevent the code from rotting (any more than it has), at some point. Just something that asks it to do a few tasks and makes sure it can do them in a container.

I've been relatively inactive on Rebol the last couple of months, but expect this to change in the New Year. I'll write up a post shortly...

Thanks again for keeping tabs and your help!


Thanks for keeping this going for so long! I will likely try and recreate bits and pieces from the site elsewhere. I may need help getting headless altme running somehow—I'm not really sure if there's too much point but nice to have the option.

I have the list of Rebolbot links saved, is there any other Rebolbot data worth holding on to?


I don't think there is much more to save from the server. I will take a backup of the code and make sure that what is in is correct. I will also upload the headless scripts to get altme working as well, if anyone is still using it?
I have to say that Digital Ocean have been absolutely rock solid. I do not remember the box being rebooted once, other than following updates that I initiated. As an example, the current uptime is 87 days. These LTS Ubuntu variants do seem to do exactly what they say on the box - if we wanted to keep this running it would still be supported and patched until 2026 (Releases - Ubuntu Wiki).


For Altme the important bit was setting up a lightweight headless display.
We were using X virtual frame buffer then running jwm as a super light window manager.

Xvfb :0 -ac -screen 0 1024x768x24 &
sleep 2
nohup /usr/bin/jwm -display :0 & 
export DISPLAY=:0
./altme &