I have added the Roadmap mockup now, and I was wondering if you like the design and layout of the page? You will need to view it on a desktop / laptop screen. It doesn't display nicely on mobile right now, but that can always be fixed. I just wanted to get some first impressions before I spent more time on it.

Also, I understand you may not want to list dates here, and so they could be removed. And instead of displaying the year in the circle, it could be something like a checkbox icon, and it gets checked when a milestone has been reached.

Let me know your thoughts, thanks!


I would very much appreciate that change, though you are free to put dates on website release goals... (!)

If people were involved and willing to promise and commit their time to development, and reaching certain goals by certain times, I could get behind that. Until that happens, it's going to have to be treated as a hobby-time project, so I reserve the right to run off and join the circus at any moment if I am so inclined. :slight_smile: When other people start making promises, I might change perspective.

It would be nice if we could have a few points on the roadmap that were crossed off, just to show a near term history of what has been happening. Maybe those could have dates on them, inside the boxes.


Perhaps smaller text boxes with ... more to other links?? Or text popup?


Yea, completely understandable. I will change the mockup to show checkmarks instead and include a few that are already done, so we can see what that looks like.


I guess it depends how much text we actually want to add for each roadmap milestone. If we plan on writing a full page article for each one, then yea linking to a new page would be better. Otherwise, if it's just a couple sentances then the current format should suffice. If it's somewhere inbetween the two extremes, then opening a modal I think would make sense.


I made some updates to the Roadmap page.

  • replaced the Years with a checkmark icon (for completed) and a pulse icon (for in progress)
  • added some historical tasks that have already been completed (I just added a random date, since I don't know the correct one)
  • shrunk the size of the boxes a little


Since we don't actually have a roadmap that I know about, how about instead a list of things being worked on and a progress meter. Though in both cases who has to update these?


Since dates have been taken off this can work for that. It could just be roughly in order of how they are to be done. Perhaps the box could have a progress meter and % complete in it, though as you say, how would this get updated?

Perhaps this page could be driven from a Trello of work items, e.g. one stack of cards could be the stack displayed here, and they could have checklists and the progress would be how many checks are done.


Now Carl has published a new blog article and mentions on the site he wants volunteers for shaping the and volunteers for
The efforts from the volunteers working on exactly that point here are unnoticed or ignored.
Will there be a response from this community toward Carl?
(Or does nobody expect an answer anyway?)


I let Carl know about our efforts here. So far, he has not expressed any interest in it.


The roadmap page has been updated to support the new Markdown structure now.

Nothing new to see, but internally it just means you don't have to mess with any HTML to add / update items.