Rebol Docs Mobile UI / Experience

If you view the Documentation page on a mobile phone, you will see that the left-hand navigation appears at the top and you have to scroll through it to get to the content. Right now, it's not so bad, but as we add more sections I think that is going to get too long and be a pain to have to scroll through.

So we have two possible solutions... we could either display all sections collapsed when the site is viewed on mobile, or we could move the entire nav into the hamburger menu. For the latter, there could be a divider after the Download button and the documentation nav would display underneath it (and maybe there could be some kind of header or styling to make it clear that this is a sub-nav for the Documentation page).

Do you guys have a preference?

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I would go with the first approach, i.e., for mobile collapse the menu sections by default.

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I guess the big thing is to sort of imagine the psychology/intent of someone visiting the page on their phone...why are they there, what can they actually do? The quicker they can get to whatever-that-is the better. Which is likely something along the line of watching a video or reading a little e-book tutorial of some kind.

So my leaning would be to have something interesting/readable/animated at the top, vs. having to scroll past gigantic section headings. "Watch the video", "Download the ebook" links easy to get.

We have had a little bit of experience with a "Rebol for Android", and @giuliolunati can fill you in on the state of that. There's a bit of a problem when it comes to app store stuff in terms of naming/etc. which needs to be confronted at some point--in the sense that Ren-C is not officially Rebol and rather unlikely to be so at any near point in time. I've listed some points on what I think has to happen before any overtures are made toward people even try to asking about that...but it's not my place or position to ask about it. I'm Rebol's worst enemy, after all. :slight_smile:

So if we're to go through the process of app-storing in the near term, we'd have to call the app something else. "Ren Garden for Android", I dunno. But it's not an iPhone, so you can also have a process by which you tell people how to enable third-party apps and download it.