Razetime (Raghu)

Hey there. I'm Raghu.

I've been coding since I was 10, mostly for the fun of it, and I still am. I'm currently studying Computer Science at SRMIST.

I program mostly in Ruby, and I make HTML5 games as well.

I found Rebol through hostilefork's RebMu and Codegolf(which I am hopelessly addicted to right now). Nice to meet you all.


Welcome, Raghu.

I hope you find something of interest in the language. And definitely ask any questions or share any observations you have.

As mentioned: I'm being a bit slow in getting Rebmu back up because of "reasons"...it always seems to raise questions in the language core. But I'll get there.

Learning the basics of Rebol is a prerequisite before Rebmu, though!

Then the Ren-C-isms push that into new territory, with a lot of new ideas and mechanics: