Progress on various things


Ok, I managed to redo all of the change log so that it contains the link to the commit diff now.

@draegtun I wonder if we should now do a PR to change changes to point to this announcement?


If anyone has compiled ren-c on OSX or Android, please provide a link or a HOWTO here



Added in the commit logs for red-lang.

They don't seem to have any binaries automatically generated?


Done -

  • I created which has link to here
  • CHANGES shortcut opens browser to on Ren/C Github.


Actually we don't have a complete list

For a complete list use these links:

ChangeLog + pre-built binaries
Github commits

the just initially gives us the last 30 commits I think.


OK I've made a change - is now in format prescribed by

Also CHANGES shortcut will jump to version number anchor (at moment we've only "used" 2.102.0 but it's a start).


So we don't jump directly to the commit that's relevant to the build


Why not just

changes: does [
    browse join-of rebol/commit


It looks like red only maintains the latest binaries and the others are deleted. I need to tweak my script so that it only shows the red binary downloads for the last commit.


And looks like this instance is already overloaded :frowning:


Fixed the red-change-log script so that it only posts the binary for the very last commit ( since it seems only the last binaries are kept ).


I think should just have curated list of changes (summary). So someone can quickly see, by version, whats been added, changed or deleted. For more detailed info then they use the CHANGELOG summary provided here or go to commits directly (on Github or in Git).