ODBC (and HTTPD) now Testing via ren-c-action

I've revived the ODBC continuous integration test, at least for MySQL and Sqlite (the Firebird OBDC driver was in a bit of a problem state when I last checked, so I stopped trying to suffer through that specific one).

These scripts use the new ren-c-action on GitHub, and are fetching the built tool to test it. It's this easy:

mysql-test.yml Line 142

And you can see nice green lights on the MySQL Test Log and Sqlite Test Log

As another case of seeing it in action, here is the HTTPD server being tested in debug and release configurations on Linux, Windows, and MacOS:

6 green lights

When you look at how simple the GitHub Actions script is that does this, it's again super easy...barely an inconvenience:


So it's definitely long overdue... Any Project You Care About Should be in a Repo With Tests Like This! That means it's time for @BlackATTR to have the QUERY dialect covered by this, for instance!