Number of Files and Folders: More Is Okay

In the quest for simplicity, R3-Alpha had an aesthetic that tried to be very minimalist in the source tree.

The top level had only this:


The %make/ directory contained:


The %src/ directory contained:

boot/       20 files
core/       95 files
include/    31 files
mezz/       31 files
os/          7 files, with 2 directories of about 10 files each
tools/      10 files

The files themselves vary in size, but this just gives a perspective of about how many files there are.

Ren-C and Red use MANY more files and directories, BUT...

Largely I think this is okay, moreover can be beneficial to understanding the code.

While we should be skeptical of large amounts of complexity, I don't think there should be a kneejerk reaction to a lot of files.

Filesystems were invented for a reason: organization. If arranging things in separate files makes the organization clear, it is good.

Yet there should be some justification for why a directory exists. For instance: I think every directory should have a in it, which explains why those files are grouped together.