New name for this forum?

  • Ask Rebol
  • Rebol U
  • RebIT
  • Rebol/Version
  • R3N Forum
  • Alt Rebol
  • Other

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Should we maybe also consider names that aren't English specific in order to be more neutral?


French :scream: or were you thinking something else?


...or something along those lines...

Beyond being a bit of a cheapskate who hates buying too many domains, I think that cohesion and unity has value. I think that if stakeholders who wish to see Rebol exist in the future, should try and create a trust for it, so that even if one server goes down the links stay running.


those are domain links .. this is a question about naming the forum.

And we don't yet own or even though Bo has now approached Carl via Cindy with our request.


Just pick one and run with it. Something short. Can change later.

Domain doesn't matter—can do redirects if changed later, for the moment it just needs to be indexed and cross-posted where Rebollers are currently reading.


Currently "Other forum" is the top choice by a mile!


What about NAF for not another forum?


or perhaps NARF :slight_smile:

re: @hostilefork - I also like one of these. If is not possible then perhaps domain?


I made the initial post a wiki post so anyone can edit it and add names. Like @rgchris I think it should be short.

Edit: looks like a poll can't be changed after the first 5 min.


We can redirect to here which is easy enough.

Who controls


Tamas Herman, @onetom,

Though from what I remember it is open to everyone to create their own sub-domains? -


Tamas - last seen 600d ago on stackoverflow :scream:

Sounds like a potential issue.


Tamas has been around on the Red gitter relatively recently, IIRC.


Ok. As long as there's a way to contact him! We really have been bitten by people who control domains and then hide in caves.


But I also remember @rgchris saying something about there being a limit to these subdomains?

Anyway, what's the process of redirecting something like to ?


I'm thinking - Alt-Redbol for the moment ... or we could use Alt-Redbull and see if we can get sponsorship :slight_smile:

Anyway, these can be changed until we find one that works!


Just go with AltRebol. Redbol is awkward. Or AltReb.


You need a FreeDNS account.

  1. Create a FreeDNS account.

  2. Click 'Subdomains'

  3. Click 'Add'

  4. From the 'Domain' drop down, find the option to locate a new domain and search for ''

  5. Finish up the form

  6. Configure your web host to accept requests from

I think you get a quota of five subdomains without mandatory contribution subject to logging in every six months.


Sounds good then. The others are using Altme aka Rebol4 world. And the Alt indicates we're diverging from known Rebol paths. But that means we can't use your frog mascot!