Does Rebol or Ren-C support the use of ncurses for making more out of a terminal experience when doing interactive programming?

The C portion of the console is written directly to use POSIX terminal control codes and the Windows terminal API.

That C code is very granular. Each keystroke is handled, and the cursor is "painting" by jumping around positions and redrawing the line as you input.

This could be used as a basis of implementing something curses-like, if there were a "console port" feeding these events to the user. Right now, that isn't happening. The events are being fed to more C code... but that C code makes heavy use of libRebol and communicates in terms of Rebol values:


But right now, the priority is to make more of this code common so you can write commands that work on Windows, Linux, Mac, and in the Web Console.

Advanced features for "drawing" on the screen in consoles is thus not really a super high priority unless those features fit in with what the web version is going to do.

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