Making the CHANGES files at top of Ren/C repo lists all notable changes -

This file is now built via a Rebol script using git -

NB. This is PR for above -

Since my first example I posted in chat I've:

  • added all the trello links I could match
  • added more examples
  • combined some changes
  • (re-)categorised some changes
  • removed some not so notable changes
  • added back in some notable changes i missed!

There is still more I can combine and/or purge from changes list.

If anyone spots any missing or incorrect changes then OK to shout at me (I'm happy to maintain this). Alternatively if my README is clear enough then just submit PR with changes :slight_smile:

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So what words does the script look for for notable changes? Does prefixing with an asterisk work as well?

Yes, just prefixing commit summary with "* " (Asterix & space) makes it notable.

This is how we need to mark a notable change going forward. This was @hostilefork suggestion and he has already been putting this into practise:

Default category type is Changed type but if it leads with obvious marker then it categorises it accordingly:

* This is a CHANGE type
* Add blah blah...  ("Added" type)
* Removed this...  ("Removed" type)
* Fix to this bug...  ("Fixed" type)

This is bit of code which categorises the commit type -

I'll add some examples to to make all above clearer.

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Have made some doc changes + some other stuff with this PR -