Local ReplPad

Just as a note ...

> git clone https://github.com/hostilefork/replpad-js.git
> cd replpad-js/
> python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

This gives you a running local replpad. :+1:
No more excuses to not hack on it :wink:


If you want to hack faster... (updated, location was wrong at first, forgot about symlinking)

Put a directory called 0.16.1 in the replpad-js directory.

Inside that direcotry, put a download of the libr3.js and libr3.wasm (without the github hash extension). (You can get the path to the latest copies of those by looking in the network tab of your browser when loading the ReplPad remotely.)

Then run as http://localhost:8000/?local

If you encounter a cryptic error and want to see if you can get any better insight, you can try:


(or http://localhost:8000/?local&tracing_on if using a local libr3.js/wasm)

does this still work?

downloads the latest rebol wasm/js files and saves them as
libr3.js libr3.wasm libr3.worker.js

yes, it still works.