LkpPo (Stéphane)

(HostilFork asks me to introduce myself.)

Stéphane Aulery. French Rebol beginner. I have an IT BTS (a non-university French degree in development). I have been working for 13 years in web development and the development of other business applications. Almost never at a software publisher. For 16 years I use Linux, especially Debian, but also Windows. Since then I want to switch to OpenBSD because of my affinity with this project and its developers.

I am passionate about computer science and programming and I spend a lot of time both contributing to free software and learning all kinds of languages ​​and paradigms.

I had the opportunity to develop the entire system of a publisher in ASP / VBScript, then work on the systems of other companies, which made me refractory to complexity. You could tell me that ASP / VbScript is not very engaging, but this minimalist language, in Oberon / Modula / Pascal's mind, really captures the essence of structured programming in a way that makes me see Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby like monsters. On the other hand I do not have much experience with compiled languages ​​because it is not common in my professional sector (just some experiments on microcontrollers or C drivers during my studies).

I do not remember when I met Rebol. Perhaps during research on Forth and Lisp. I decided to take a more serious interest in Rebol. I am here for pleasure, curiosity, learning, and contributing a promising language.