Introductions - who am I?


If you're using a pseudonym here, then we'd appreciate it if you would post a little about your experience with Rebol. And of course, if you're a long time Rebol user back from whenever, and have been on the mailing list etc, then feel free to mention this.


PS: Please add any Github or other Repos, and LinkedIn if you wish.

OBDC, Excel and memory allocation problems

Brian Dickens, Cornell EE, ex-Microsoft Research guy. Went to film school in LA, learned more than I thought I would.

These days I seem like an old-school Rebol user. But if you go back in the history, people who were around longer, thought of me as the new guy who didn't get it.

Projects page and more than you'd ever really want to know, on a blog (that I don't update very often anymore)


Graham Chiu, MD equivalent in NZ, and a rebol user since forever. Main Rebol2 project is Synapse EHR a medical database system for managing patients.

I'd like to be able to modernise that with R3 and a GUI .. perhaps one day.

My GitHub repo


Joshua Shireman, Grinnell CS, Used Rebol since before it was released, but have been a much heavier user in various projects since 2004.


Brett Handley, studied Math and Computing at Uni and got paid for applications development in Investment Management, Property, Accounting and Manufacturing job scheduling software.

Got interested in Rebol around 2000, now my brain is ruined because I think terms of Rebol and get caught up with obscure ideas such as parsing and Rebol expression evaluation.

Still hoping to use Rebol to create apps seamlessly on mobile and desktop.


Arnold van Hofwegen, studied Math at RUG, Netherlands.
Found Rebol in 2011.
Created a checkers program in Rebol that can beat me (probably not so hard), created a program to play Chinese Chess (Xiangqi) in Red.
Spoiled forever, professionally bound to far less superior far more bloated mainstream technologies.


Barry Walsh, Freelance IT Consultant from London, UK. Stalwart from Market Research industry! Escaped briefly into Management Consultancy and then a failed web CRM start-up before going solo with Draegtun Systems Ltd

Self taught programmer using mixture of proprietary languages until I discovered Perl in 1995. This was my first introduction to an opensource community. With Perl I developed a websurvey system used on one of the largest continual surveys.

First came across Rebol when it was opensourced on 12-12-2012 via a HN article. I think dialects and parse is what attracted me most to the language.

Most development I do now uses Rebol 3. And I've used Cheyenne on last few web projects.

Github | LinkedIn


Ed O'Connor. Liberal arts major, Brown U, 1991. Never took a CS course, I'm a self-taught scripter. I don't know how to build Ren-C or Red or use Github. I found Rebol pretty early, around '97-- I'm still a believer in end-user/personal programming. I'd like to see redbol make a name for itself in dialecting, DSLs & mini-languages. I have dialect ideas for workflows, scheduling & crontabs, taxonomy management, marketing automation and others.



Steven White. I have been a programmer since 1974, working for local governments. Some would say I have 43 years of experience, others would say I have one year of experience repeated 43 times. I started trying to learn REBOL when "REBOL The Official Guide" came out, but couldn't quite "get" it. And then I finally did. Now I use R2 a lot for little data manipulation programs at work, quite a few it turns out when I count them. Lately, as I write something that seems like it might be useful to others, I generalize it and sanitize it and put it on a little web site I made at I still feel like a REBOL beginner.


(HostilFork asks me to introduce myself.)

Stéphane Aulery. French Rebol beginner. I have an IT BTS (a non-university French degree in development). I have been working for 13 years in web development and the development of other business applications. Almost never at a software publisher. For 16 years I use Linux, especially Debian, but also Windows. Since then I want to switch to OpenBSD because of my affinity with this project and its developers.

I am passionate about computer science and programming and I spend a lot of time both contributing to free software and learning all kinds of languages ​​and paradigms.

I had the opportunity to develop the entire system of a publisher in ASP / VBScript, then work on the systems of other companies, which made me refractory to complexity. You could tell me that ASP / VbScript is not very engaging, but this minimalist language, in Oberon / Modula / Pascal's mind, really captures the essence of structured programming in a way that makes me see Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby like monsters. On the other hand I do not have much experience with compiled languages ​​because it is not common in my professional sector (just some experiments on microcontrollers or C drivers during my studies).

I do not remember when I met Rebol. Perhaps during research on Forth and Lisp. I decided to take a more serious interest in Rebol. I am here for pleasure, curiosity, learning, and contributing a promising language.

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