Ingo (Ingo Hohmann)

As I have kinda been asked to introduce myself as well, here goes.

I found Rebol at the beginning of the 2.0 Cycle. First because of the 40+ Systems, then because of the easy way to create 80s Cash Register GUIs. Then I really got to like parse.

I knew to program a little more than "Hello World" in COBOL, Prolog, Pascal, Modula-2, Oberon, Lisp, Smalltalk, C, Java, Javascript, Powershell and Rebol. Though today, I guess I would have to look up hello world for some of these :wink: .

At work I work with Powershell, personally I would go for Rebol, some Lisp or Smalltalk.

I programmed a few scripts for myself in Rebol, and put some on, but I guess most of these wouldn't work on todays Rebol Variants.

I am really fascinated by the direction(s) Brian bends the language, and by the pace this happens in.

I have no personal projects involving programming at the moment.

Kind regards,