Help on Port

A very first stab at improving HELP on a PORT! value.

To test, this can be used in ReplPad:

>> do
== #[action! [port]]

>> help-port log/info
Kind  Console.log Scheme
Ref   log::info
Mode  Sync
   write           action!  
   append          action!  


summarize-port: function [
    {Returns a block of information about a port}
    return: "Block of short lines (fitting in roughly 80 columns)"
        [<opt> block!]
    port [port!]
    return collect [
        keep join "Kind  " port/spec/title
        keep join "Ref   " mold any [match [file! url!] :port/spec/ref [...]]
        keep join "Mode  " pick ["Async" "Sync"] action? :port/awake

        switch type-of :port/actor [
            object! [
                keep "Actor   "
                keep summarize-obj port/actor

            handle! [
                ; internal port
                keep "    actor           handle!    "