Creating a terminal helper

Another idea I came up with that can become very useful for system administrators.
To use some applications sometimes you need to establish some connections or a certain setup before they can be started or used.

So for instance to connect to a database a ssh tunnel must be initiated and the program perhaps must be started from a shell script.

Another program will work inside a virtual environment that must be 'activated' first and then a cd to the correct directory.

There could be several other tasks that require one or more terminal windows to be used that could be centralised and managed within Ren-C.

One (other) tool could monitor the status of the different facilities that were managed before.

It's pretty vague. I don't see anything in there that would be a part of Ren-C. If you take just one case as an example, what would be the impact on Ren-C?

It would be that Ren-C is now run from a terminal interface but it is able to interact with that and start up multiple individual terminal instances itself.

It'd be great if we had an SSH scheme, although it doesn't seem that's the extent of your proposal?