Compiling ren-c with zig?

Has anyone tried to compile ren-c with zig? ( ).

They claim to be able to compile c-code using zig cc , and have an impressive list of cross compilation targets, wasm among them.

I gave it a shot tonight just to see if it was easy. Doesn't look like a "it just works" situation.

I couldn't figure out how to get it to act like a C99 compiler. It defines __cplusplus but then doesn't provide the headers for C++ (like <string> or <type_traits>).

If you can research or ask to see how to get it to not define __cplusplus then I can take another crack at it. But right now I'm mostly worrying about existential questions of Ren-C... so not a lot of time for detours.


. I just hoped it might be an easy way for cross compiling. If it isn't it's not worth the time.

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