Community Funding


We should be in a position to accept donations both for running of this forum, and for specific tasks.

I was wondering how that might happen transparently. @BlackATTR suggested using Patreon so I wonder if that could be used to fund a Rebol Foundation which then dishes out funds for the ongoing maintenance of our intrastructure. But I see that they take 5%.

What about a Bitcoin address that is held by the foundation, and just takes donations? Are the transactions at one address transparent?

Ren Garden / Status / Future

From what I’ve read, Bitcoin is both slow and expensive to exchange/convert into usable funds.
While Patreon’s 5% fee may seem high, I think it may be reasonable to try it. (I have some experienece with it – I’ve been supporting a few artists on Patreon for over a year.) We should also look at alternatives.


I should have said a wallet address so that any crypto currency could be used.
Yes, BTC is slow and expensive to use for payments.


So, John’s digitalocean instance for costs $6/month, and the VM I’m running this board on costs $25/month


each cryptocurrency has it’s own wallet address namespace.

cryptocurrencies don’t have margin when you send it but has it when you convert to and from it. Also cryptocurrencies currently have high conversion rate risk. I am not against concept of crypto in general, just isn’t reall practical currently.


Let’s see if anyone is wishing to help fund the websites etc.


Well, I wouldn’t hold my breath. :slight_smile:

But I think it’s a lot easier to contribute to something if one knows exactly what one is paying for. Especially because sometimes, people even have resources to bring to the table so you don’t have to pay at all.

So let’s see some itemizations of expenses…


Used up all the free credit for the trial now!
As you can see the vm hosting rebolbot was costing about $20/month so that’s why I canned it.


And thanks @middayc for being the very first financial supporter!


You are more than welcome. If I can eventually start using it inside my company replacing R2 (which has some concrete weird problems when used under heavy burden) I will be able to increase is substantially. That’s why I was looking at bindings/ffi/libuv … but now that holidays are gone so is my free time :frowning: … but I will chip away some to continue.


I forgot to mention thanks to patreons who have been funding this site!