`call` asynchronously?

On Atronix R3 when I run call "zathura" the program runs asynchronously. When I do the same in Ren-C it waits for the program to terminate. The available refinements do not seem to help.

As a work-around I now use call/shell with a & added to the end of the command line.

CALL is a specialization of a more basic CALL*, which forces it to wait:


So you can just use CALL* (which is itself a layer that does some usermode preprocessing over parameters before they get to CALL-INTERNAL*. For anything not performance-criticial, it's best to avoid trying to write it in C where it is harder to change, so the C code tries to keep it to the bare minimum of what's needed to expose the system functions).

There's actually some kind of interesting code going on here, glossing the command line differences between Windows and POSIX. Windows operates on the basis of one big command line string, while UNIX expects an array of individual elements.

So if you're on POSIX and call with a single string, the native code hooked to exec() and pipe() will call out to the usermode parse-command-to-argv*

And if you're on Windows and call with a block, the native code hooked to CreateProcess will call out to the usermode argv-block-to-command*

I've written about this and I think it's neat.

Thanks! I had found that other post of yours, but it didn't seem to answer my question.

Glad you're still around and looking at this mess. It is a mess, but... it's in service of an experiment. A different way of attacking programming problems.

It's definitely different. Though...

I'm still around. Other things are taking up a lot of time...