Backdating News Articles


The prototype page features boxes for recent news.

Rather than launch with a completely empty news feed, I'm wondering if we want to take old commit announcements of features and put them in the chronology.

We've already done a "filling in" of the bugs in rebol-issues, keeping them accurate with the CureCode dates. It helps people get an understanding that there has been a history, as opposed to Rebol just popping out of nowhere. We could combine the announcements from a GitHub commit with some stuff from a Trello to get an announcement. For instance the HIJACK commit from Jun 19, 2016 would suggest a news announcement at that time would be fitting.

Perhaps even adding some even older curated news items out of the old AltME announcements of notable historical things, to put the dates in context:

...or important announcements from Carl's blog (if there's any issue with quoting the content in its entirety, a summary with a fair-use quote would do). Things like the open sourcing announcement...just to fill out a timeline.

It might be easiest if those news items were just posts here on the forum in a category...which were transcluded to look like a news feed. That would facilitate discussion as well as make edits easier, and fold in with a database that has to be running and backed up anyway.

Rebol Docs Experiment
Rebol Docs Experiment

Yea, I completely agree. We should definitely put some back dated new articles up when it launches.

I like this idea. Not sure how possible it is to do with Github pages, but I can look into it once we get the rest of the design nailed down.


Luckily there's a change timestamp feature just for this purpose.

It's used for migrating stuff from another site, or, to have secret articles that are released at a certain past date.