Abusing help with tags?

We already have source and do/import which looks up values on github repo.

I'm suggesting that we can also provide functionality such as

 help <compile>

And instead of just saying it's a tag, it returns a list of urls to documents on here or trello that give instructions on how to compile the interpreter.

Or, help <void> would take us to the threads on handling voids.

The problem is we don't have the resources that were on rebol.com to provide information indexed all in one place. Instead we can create a user index set of documents with the index held on github.


HELP can soft quote its argument, allowing one a distinction between HELP (<foo>) and HELP <foo>, and HELP X where X is <foo>

I see no particular problem with HELP on literals giving more useful answers than if in a GROUP! or fetched from a variable. If you say HELP ('APPEND) and it says APPEND is a WORD! with binding into the system and has 6 letters, nothing terrible about that.

But I'd also say that if we have things like do <foo>, then help <foo> telling you what the foo module does and where it's being loaded from might be a better fit.

ISSUE! is more commonly associated with tagging, so perhaps what you're talking about could be help #compile

I also think that help [...] vs help ([...]) would be a good distinction, because taking a block as a dialect is more useful than telling you a literal block contains N elements or somesuch. I don't know exactly what a help dialect would look like, but maybe people have ideas. (parse rule applied to the names of all known entities? help ["a" to end] for all functions starting with a?

I don't have an issue with issue!

I'm just looking to implement some type of help system similar to the one Rebolbot provides for the chat forum.

And it has been implemented:

See PR at https://github.com/metaeducation/ren-c/pull/558

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@draegtun Do you want to do a PR based on the web index instead of what I did?

I can unless you prefer to? I assume we're all happy with using https://r3n.github.io/topics/ instead of the lookup table?

On general note we need to decide how to develop https://r3n.github.io/ site

[quote="draegtun, post:7, topic:155, full:true"]
I can unless you prefer to? I assume we're all happy with using https://r3n.github.io/topics/ instead of the lookup table?[/quote]

I'd be happy for you to do this.

Tis done - https://github.com/metaeducation/ren-c/pull/567

BTW - I've added 404 page to r3n website. So a help #foobar will redirect to that :slight_smile:

I've just added some gloss to R3n site

It's a simple and temporary solution so I've kept it basic and manual (for now!).