Wasmtime and Wasi

Wasmtime is a web assembly runtime that runs WebAssembly code outside of the web. It supports the new spec, WASI: WebAssembly System Interface.

Is thing going to be like node.js and allow us to run the Rebol WASM servers with full I/O ?

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Non sequitur. Both wasmtime and WASI are unstable prototypes, not "specs", and hence no useful conclusions can or should be reached about them, whether such involve Rebol or not.

A working party is moving towards a spec

Mozilla spake:

Today, we announce the start of a new standardization effort — WASI, the WebAssembly system interface.

And it seems that we should try to have some input into this. And wasn't Carl attempting to do this? Write for an abstracted interface, a machine that didn't exist. Which is what this appears to be what about.

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Here we are, three years later...

...and in terms of another outcome of building for WasmEdge, we are actually on the verge of being able to have one %r3.wasm file that can run on Linux, Mac, and Windows...

Of course, you need a WASI runner. There are several emerging to choose from, prominently:

I gave it a shot, and the console actually starts in both. But it crashes when you try to scan a line.

I'll look into it. But these won't be too usable for anything right here today in on July 1st 2022, until files and networking are sorted out.

However in light of my remarks on having a Wasm focus and not getting into the mire of trying to distribute native executables, I will say this looks like the way forward

One %r3.wasm file to rule them all. :crossed_swords:


And Android as well?