Wasmtime and Wasi


Wasmtime is a web assembly runtime that runs WebAssembly code outside of the web. It supports the new spec, WASI: WebAssembly System Interface.

Is thing going to be like node.js and allow us to run the Rebol WASM servers with full I/O ?

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Non sequitur. Both wasmtime and WASI are unstable prototypes, not "specs", and hence no useful conclusions can or should be reached about them, whether such involve Rebol or not.


A working party is moving towards a spec

Mozilla spake:

Today, we announce the start of a new standardization effort — WASI, the WebAssembly system interface.

And it seems that we should try to have some input into this. And wasn't Carl attempting to do this? Write for an abstracted interface, a machine that didn't exist. Which is what this appears to be what about.

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