Running r3-gui with Ren-C?


My apologies for belaying the point. I wasn’t aware that a replacement had been exactly picked so I was just throwing out ideas. All those ideas sound good.


Who is actually working on the emscripten build right now?


There are several motivations to the factoring of the build into extensions, and one is to be able to make the emscripten build less of a beast by taking basically all the extensions out. Because if the executable is fat as an EXE, it gets super fat when it goes through LLVM to make JavaScript. And there’s no use to have PNG encoders for a browser that already has it, or FFI when there’s no DLLs you could possibly call, etc.

In the past we’ve made %r3.js files that worked as experiments, so what we’re looking for is something that’s more than an experiment, which people might actually want to use.

So we are “working on it”, but also working on it in the sense that rebmake has more configs. @szeng already added some LLVM support:

So I suppose we’re not too many steps away from having an r3.js on Travis. It will happen when it happens.

How to cope without a GUI in Ren-c

@SamTheTruck emscripten builds are now downloadable as they are part of the travis builds but currently it is all one way traffic JS calls Rebol, but Rebol can’t call JS yet.

So, that’s why the demo has a console that evaluates rebol expressions.


Thanks. Much appreciation!