Red Language Change Logs


Date: 2017-06-06T07:10:20Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: 99890b89dfecbd402d9621cf57a7f06ec612973e
Message: FIX: brings back some left/right padding to button’s text.


Date: 2017-06-06T07:19:57Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: b0e117bc7c68556ae47c8585d552fbb4732c145a
Message: FIX: missing space in compile-time lexer error reports.

The binaries below are only available until superceded by the next commit.

Windows red-06jun17-b0e117b.exe
Linux red-06jun17-b0e117b
OSX red-06jun17-b0e117b


Date: 2017-06-06T07:43:05Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: 4600c0549277b9068630b7b24c671019ab423452
Message: FIX: compile-time lexer error report crashing when used on R/S script.


Date: 2017-06-06T07:56:45Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: 1cdc50d33778db8461bc7345f935ab369fbd2727
Message: FIX: USE was not actually reserving the stack space, resulting in crashes.


Date: 2017-06-06T08:02:04Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: e04ae7ed23b7aa04827f0df4da394984d6607506
Message: FEAT: minor code improvement in BROWSE routine.


Date: 2017-06-06T10:04:27Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: 1b88d0c23e2cec99182feb0bbfc88024a8c976c0
Message: FEAT: adds DELETE action support.

Removes a file or an empty folder.


Date: 2017-06-06T11:55:12Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: b2ad73c6dfad946d671c80f5e7b085bad384ab49
Message: FIX: call event loop at least once on VIEW/NO-WAIT.


Date: 2017-06-06T15:43:32Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: 09170bb603c99fe269b209f98fee1daa111ff268
Message: DOCS: adds math operations matrix.


Date: 2017-06-06T22:45:57Z
Author: semseddin
Commit: 4696e3fb5684a81edc7a385add913868e67f8a03
Message: FIX: read-thru was return unset! when /update used.


Date: 2017-06-06T23:54:12Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: 77e9434fc7410c43c676a3f6ad8201c2325728e3
Message: Merge pull request #2762 from endo64/master

FIX: read-thru was return unset! when /update used.


Date: 2017-06-07T03:57:18Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: 12ba393fad86c189e93b24d3418ad58890206fa9
Message: FIX: issue #2764 ([VID] Partial text in `BASE is not shown)


Date: 2017-06-07T07:18:49Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: 0047bc4f23890c73700374762935d0932c4f527f
Message: FIX: removes the need to specify a bit size for percent! in vector! spec block.

Ex: make vector! [percent! [1% 2%]]


Date: 2017-06-07T08:29:18Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: b1f493cbfcd62aaede2c0b4fb8d50e448fbef8fa
Message: FIX: issue #2675 (char! pair! or tuple! value + a vector is a NO-OP)


Date: 2017-06-07T08:44:24Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: d96ec6e94e72363118e244b91d894a2648a57c31
Message: FIX: issue #2697 (integer ** percent value gives wrong result)

The binaries below are only available until superceded by the next commit.

Windows red-07jun17-d96ec6e.exe
Linux red-07jun17-d96ec6e
OSX red-07jun17-d96ec6e


Date: 2017-06-07T11:18:09Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: 1a0d0f39c194a8a2b7f21e27fa0460d662abc0db
Message: FIX: removes the negate macro from R/S runtime.

It was causing several clashes with negate functions in Red runtime.


Date: 2017-06-07T11:19:00Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: 45e6c9154b6589cf6dd72e82fee237fb494e5e69
Message: FIX: #issue 2702 (pair! value not allowed as second operand to subtract)


Date: 2017-06-07T11:19:00Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: 7e06090ad4a2d79d9447082809bc92dcaaa11c61
Message: FIX: issue #2702 (pair! value not allowed as second operand to subtract)


Date: 2017-06-07T11:21:05Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: f0dd48f7201488a795bdd8ca7280adb6fa8264dd
Message: Merge branch ‘master’ of


Date: 2017-06-07T11:46:06Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: ce184ee768c1b385f9ef72cf80836acbc1cd856a
Message: FIX: issue #2705 (float and percent value can be divided by tuple, but result makes no sense)


Date: 2017-06-07T11:52:28Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: 440bd648f3bd7f79732fbc51880b1b29760fb247
Message: FIX: issue #2706 (integer and float added to time give time result, but percent + time gives percent)