Red Language Change Logs


Date: 2017-05-28T05:25:12Z
Author: Gregg Irwin
Commit: 367e48700d2e688f9d90a6e5067c83c21caa5d0e
Message: Add none! to spec type, for recursive calls.


Date: 2017-05-28T07:25:36Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: 385f88be7eb1f8340eb0f435c9d0508d3bd4ca14
Message: Merge pull request #2720 from greggirwin/master

Add none! to spec type, for recursive calls.


Date: 2017-05-28T12:22:15Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: 831ee35d0063cad0338251e62f7b3d6daa7770eb
Message: FIX: code simplification.


Date: 2017-05-28T12:59:31Z
Author: qtxie
Commit: adbe4478ba67d26579b08076a11730309039b183
Message: FEAT: macOS: adds command flags in event/flags of key event

The binaries below are only available until superceded by the next commit.

Windows red-28may17-adbe447.exe
Linux red-28may17-adbe447
OSX red-28may17-adbe447


Date: 2017-05-29T11:35:24Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: 0ff6204513ae777139e5952d571244e83d0bf2b5
Message: FEAT: add missing margin metrics for macOS.


Date: 2017-05-29T12:00:22Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: 56f0cd788c26f559f475acec6f660a380aca25f8
Message: FIX: error from previous commit preventing gui-console from opening.


Date: 2017-05-30T03:37:01Z
Author: qtxie
Commit: f0674cdc632cdb9f079b7f066d0710e169a7bc6e
Message: FIX: window size is not correct when window style was changed


Date: 2017-05-30T09:33:35Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: 6f5558a10e4286d0cb96e320c516da31dff4c519
Message: FIX: wrong OS name used for font selection.


Date: 2017-05-31T04:51:15Z
Author: Gregg Irwin
Commit: e622f49b5248cfb3ac09f25a9a8fc4c435c03f55
Message: Add dots to the end of doc strings.


Date: 2017-05-31T07:40:02Z
Author: qtxie
Commit: 9fbdcbcafa10cf1fc265e0c46ea37ef1c94ef1b3
Message: FIX: Win: glitches in image rendering on base face


Date: 2017-05-31T09:01:56Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: 646c1af6b9efe3457c17e9ce45f059a46d691849
Message: Merge pull request #2725 from greggirwin/help

FIX: #2724 Add dots to the end of doc strings.


Date: 2017-05-31T16:55:31Z
Author: Gregg Irwin
Commit: 9b582d0e249aa0cc18f7d0f0e15a73ab5ae461f8
Message: FEAT: #2696 show source for routines, and minor format fixes in source.


Date: 2017-06-01T02:27:32Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: e42737f004c74c06bc1c77c0fe5d5f0a964eced0
Message: Merge pull request #2726 from greggirwin/help

FEAT: #2696 show source for routines, and minor format fixes in `sour…


Date: 2017-06-01T16:30:29Z
Author: Gregg Irwin
Commit: 1c1e7b333c4ad8c7c26709bf1011cbbf7e16fd94
Message: Minimize right margin to show more info (Oldes’s suggestion).


Date: 2017-06-01T16:46:07Z
Author: Gregg Irwin
Commit: feb8613549a649a253cfd037efdcf4fbb02d06f5
Message: FIX: #2728 Show func help, not source if arg is a path ref’ing a func.


Date: 2017-06-02T02:38:03Z
Author: qtxie
Commit: ae10c06e713470a1e78c42b0db489cb8470e1960
Message: FIX: wrong stat! structure on macOS


Date: 2017-06-02T03:19:36Z
Author: qtxie
Commit: 2fe5bd52b89a932d60c58cfceed51925fba0dbf9
Message: FEAT: improve image! implementation on macOS


Date: 2017-06-02T03:36:59Z
Author: qtxie
Commit: 7e61855f8c9382fa6ed3881fdddc25638e863afa
Message: FIX: cannot be compiled on Linux


Date: 2017-06-02T03:50:53Z
Author: qtxie
Commit: b0aeabd7c8e567ccf93d6e9a6126ccc5882e9678
Message: FIX: draw on image! does not trigger refresh on View


Date: 2017-06-02T04:01:54Z
Author: Nenad Rakocevic
Commit: 29f72a236ccfd42364c790140417797251298b64
Message: Merge pull request #2729 from greggirwin/help

FIX: #2728 Help