Rebolbot - topic to discuss enhancements and bugs

One of the annoyances that has plagued SO chat has been the appearance in the feeds of incorrectly categorized feed items, eg #REbol and red tags from newbie questions on SO.

I just noticed an undocumented API feature which has been exploited here which seems to say that if a room owner posts

/messages/$messageid delete

within 2 minutes, even feed items can be deleted.

I think the simplest way is to do something like this

@rebolbot delete feed

and it deletes the last feed item within 2 minutes of the current time.

I've just updated the authentication mechanism which can be used by rebolbot.

My so-speak script takes advantage of a new write header dialect word of 'no-redirect so we always get the same object structure returned

result: trap [
    write chat-page compose/deep [headers no-redirect GET [cookie: (cookie)]]
update-cookie-jar headers: result/spec/debug/headers site: sys/decode-url chat-page 

and the headers are always returned in

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