Improving prot-http

The main issues I see with prot-http are

  • the lack of a trace as in SMTP and pop3
  • the lack of flexibility with regard to errors
  • the contortions one has to go through in adding custom headers for aws Amazon
  • the lack of control when there's a http redirect
  • others I can not quite think of at 5 am !

Anyway, it's time to see if we can correct some of these issues as they are all in user space.

It's been suggested we switch to using a http2 library but on the other hand we do get to stress the language to see how far we can go when we do this in user code.

Did we determine that it was limited to HTTP/1.0, or is it "temporarily" hardcoded to that due to some problem with 1.1?

I don't know. Is there a compliance test we can do?

But for the simple


that is a shortcut for open, read and close so there's no point is there in being 1.1?

And when I was looking through the source the very first time, I thought - hmm, Gabriele implemented chunking so why isn't this HTTP 1.1 ?