Giuseppe Chillemi

my name is Giuseppe, I work in a food production company and the order taking industry. I am developing different solutions for those markets and I am the sponsor of some bounties for Red, most notably a GRID component. I am an old Rebol lover, someone who has not understood more than the basic Rebol operations until 3 years ago. Now I master it but I am facing some limitations. I am on the Red world but some suggestions I have made have not been accepted. Red is more Rebol2+ with conservative ambient. As here I see some Rebels, let's see if there is space for my unconventional ideas. In case they will be accepted and implemented, I will work continue on Rebol3 by HF for some of my projects!

Giuseppe Chillemi


Welcome...feel free to post about your ideas. Might not implement any of them, but would at least give you an explanation of why.

From some point of view, Ren-C could possibly be looked at as "more conservative" the sense that it's all based on the idea that some basics of Rebol2/R3-Alpha did not actually work. So the work is on the very foundational premises. Things that are pertinent to "the needs of the day" are likely to be avoided if they are something you could do with another language.

Red sells itself as a tool, and themselves as the consultants/implementers who customize the tool. I don't think that will work, because I don't think the language has proven itself the way they seem to think it has. It's hard for me to imagine that an application couldn't be better on almost every axis if one spent an equal number of hours and used a mainstream language.

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Giuseppe, welcome here.
What made the difference for you that happened 3 years ago that made you grow beyond understanding just the basics of Rebol?