Forum name and Red

It's been suggested that, in order to not be exclusive to Red users, the name of this forum shouldn't include just the word Rebol. @gchiu, would you be OK with this kind of change, for the reason mentioned? If there is a change to be made, it probably should be done sooner rather than later. What to do?

We had the stack overflow room named rebol and red, and it didn't seem to make any difference to the level of participation.

As I see it rebol is a class name that all languages such as r3 and red fall under. Red uses almost the same syntax as rebol 2, and it's still dependent on rebol 2. They're also advised to read rebol documentation if the same red documents don't exist.

So I don't see that there​ can be any confusion.

I have seen redbol being used as an alternative but it seems clumsy. What happens if another clone comes along? Change the name again?

Anyway, what do others think?

I also see 'Rebol' as a class name and covers Red, Ren-C, and whatever else. I think it's also imperative to come up with a terse description name: Forum is already taken, Discourse is too tied to this software, it's not Chat—could be Ask Rebol or Rebol U or some such. Or 'RebIT'!

RebIT RebChat

I agree with @gchiu & @rgchris. Rebol, like Lisp, covers a family of programming languages.

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It's not chat but rebolforum was already taken! And it's the first thing that popped into my mind when I had to pick a domain name as discourse can't be fully installed without email which requires a domain name.

If @asampal installs the poll plugin, we could do a poll on a suitable name.

Don't have anything against rebolchat as the domain name—don't think that really matters so much.

I'd still like to basically have the open source efforts based on R3-Alpha unify under one umbrella, to have any experiments that are bad backed out, and evolve Ren-C to be what is called "Rebol".

There's no rush on that, or having anyone make the determination. But Red has its own PR strategy, its own vision, its "schedule". If Discourse works out here, then maybe it will be a model they want to emulate. But I'm sure they'd want their own installation.

Given that Rebol stands for Relative Expression Based Object Language, and that a forum is a medium for expressing ideas, that Rebol is the most expressive language, etc., how about some kind of play on expression/expressive? Maybe some TLDs could complete a root of express... in some interesting way.

Forgot to mention that I think "chat" is misleading in the current name.

Can you give me the details to get in and admin the forum? IIRC, adding plugins needs isn't done from the admin control panel

Somehow in catching up here I missed these suggestions. I do like RebIT, if associated with a frog and, a variant of your Rebol U - how about URebol?

Aren't you an admin? Most people seem to be !

I am, but to install plugins you need to modify the app.yaml file and then rebuild the container.

Oh, then in that case you'll need to send me a public certificate I can tack on to the certificate store so that you can ssh in.

There is an inbuilt poll feature which I am trying now on the naming of this forum.

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Very nice! Prefer the left hand one, and not sure why.