Flickelectric utilities

This topic to discuss or provide help for the utilities here

Rebol Flick API


Rebol Flick Price Forecast

which are related to using Flickelectric's API to grab current spot price and forecast pricing.


To run the script, download a Rebol3 binary for your platform here

And then rename it to r3 for ease of use. Eg.

wget http://metaeducation.s3.amazonaws.com/travis-builds/0.4.40/r3-e9ca69d ./r3

Though the builds occur frequently and this particular one might not be available for much longer

If you're using *nix variants, then you're going have to make it executable

sudo chmod +x ./r3

And to actually run the script, eg. the one that scrapes prices for a day

./r3 flick-price-scraper.reb

and this one will save the data as csv files for the date range 1-July-2017 - 31-July-2017

If there is no data for a date, then nothing is saved for that date.

You will need to change the username and password as defined in the header lines, and the beginning and end dates here

Any questions, just leave them here.