ChatGPT Speaking About Rebol

So ChatGPT actually knows a bit about Rebol (at least Rebol2)

This does raise some questions about the future of software, in general. It's possible that AI models will plateau and maybe they'll never get too much better than this...

...but I don't think so. I imagine year-over-year, we're going to see them learning. I don't know exactly when they'd be able to come up with ideas like what I've been doing for Ren-C.

But something I did think about is that if they can write code, then giving them a super-expressive medium in which to do it could be very powerful. If they can come up with the dialect and then use it, then they might be able to write concise programs that wind up being quite legible...whereas other languages might make them trade off length for clarity.

If you ask ChatGPT an interesting Rebol question, feel free to put it in this thread.


I'm going to ask it to create a GUI (replacement using Qt or GTK)


ChatGPT can grasp some pretty abstract stuff. If they ever give it access to dev tools (so it can test-compile code) or other real-time information, it's going to be pretty darn good, I'd say.


Do you know REN-C?

Yes, I am familiar with REN-C. REN-C is a fork of the Rebol 3 language that is maintained by the community after the original Rebol 3 project was abandoned. The goal of REN-C is to continue the development of the Rebol language and improve its performance, stability, and compatibility with other systems.

REN-C includes many improvements and new features over the original Rebol 3, such as enhanced garbage collection, better error handling, improved performance, and support for new platforms. REN-C also aims to maintain compatibility with existing Rebol 3 code and libraries.

REN-C is developed by a community of volunteers who are passionate about the Rebol language and its potential. The project is open-source and welcomes contributions from anyone who wants to help improve the language.

Overall, REN-C is a promising project that seeks to continue the development of the Rebol language and keep it relevant and useful for modern computing.

And chatGPT tells us how amazing REN-C is, but does REN-C get too much honor here?

Can you tell me about some amazing REN-C programs

There are many interesting and impressive programs that have been developed using REN-C. Here are a few examples:

  • Red language: Red is a programming language and development environment that is built on top of REN-C. Red is a high-level language that is designed to be fast, expressive, and portable. It includes many advanced features, such as automatic memory management, data serialization, and network protocols. Red is used for a wide range of applications, including desktop applications, games, and web development.

  • Rebmu: Rebmu is a minimalist programming language that is designed to be concise and expressive. Rebmu is implemented in REN-C and includes a small set of operators and functions that can be combined to create complex programs. Rebmu is used for scripting, automation, and code generation.

  • RebolView: RebolView is a GUI toolkit that is built on top of REN-C and provides a set of reusable GUI components and tools for building desktop applications. RebolView includes support for a wide range of widgets, including buttons, text fields, and menus. It also includes support for advanced features, such as drag-and-drop and clipboard management.

  • RebolBot: RebolBot is a chatbot that is built on top of REN-C and provides a simple interface for interacting with Rebol code and libraries. RebolBot can be used for testing, debugging, and learning the Rebol language.

  • Rebol Database: Rebol Database is a database management system that is implemented in REN-C and provides a simple and lightweight way to store and retrieve data. Rebol Database includes support for multiple storage engines, including memory-based and file-based storage. It also includes support for advanced features, such as indexing and transactions.

These are just a few examples of the many interesting and innovative programs that have been developed using REN-C. The flexibility and expressiveness of the Rebol language, combined with the performance and stability of REN-C, make it a powerful platform for a wide range of applications.