Can we change this site to use HTTPS?


this is the reply I got back

So, that’s for Apache. So, I need to find the nginx or whatever comparable cipher settings.


So, I need to get more disk space :frowning:


So, changing my ssl template by adding in a cipher suite supported by r3, and then rebuilding the discourse app has not helped. I only still see two tls 1.0 cipher suites enabled.

I’m guessing that this template is used by discourse/ruby to configure nginx, and that underlying this all is openssl, so I just need the correct setting and it should just then work.


To look at nginx.conf

sudo ./launcher enter app
cd /etc/nginx
vi nginx.conf

So, the issue is that specifying a particular cipher suite doesn’t work because there are other SSL directives in place that override them.

So, I need to specify what I want and turn off the default over ride.


Solved. See my answer: