Bounty for Red ODBC



GiuseppeC on 20th Jan 2017 on Altme Red channel

09:53Time for a

Bounty: ODBC implementation on RED



international character set support;
long text fields (memo) with LF/CR inside,
async calls support;
a way to obtain/access/modify/interact with databases entities like tables, fields, stored procedures , views...
bug free,
open source.
Would be nice support of other kind of fields pictures, binaries, etc. (Generally, large data objects)
Doc, an help from you "suggesting" the best way to implement it would be welcome.
09:56The developer which will accept this bounty should know that another one will start in the future to have a SQLLite wrapper compatible with the latest library implementation.
We suppose near 100% of its conversion code from ODBC to RED types could be reused for this second bounty.
09:58Just a note: the ODBC implementation should be able to convert fields to RED datatypes or to plain text if a forced "no conversion" is required.