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Discuss rebol-make and other build systems.

I created a Repository and an accompanying Wiki for collaborating on this.

The current build system is based on make.r and rebmake.r, developed by Shixin Zeng.
It's currently unmaintened, because none of us fully understand it.
So we need to develop an alternative.
Let's start by collect the goals and the prerequisites we expect.

My plan:

  • make-make.reb generates the makefile
  • make.reb reads the makefile and launch the build.

Open question:

  • should we support Visual Studio and Nmake?

It would be nice. Perhaps a limited, format-restricted subset of Nmake? Enough to build Ren-C, perhaps?

Way to go Giulio!
I think it is best to focus on cleaning up this for now. And add the support for Visual Studio and Nmake after that.