A Cry for HELP

@jhgorse was trying out the Amazing 3-D Dungeon Simulator, and wandered into the console to poke at the HELP. Several things there don't work.

  • Some of it is just weirdness people added and then never backed it up with their support, like help #compiling (was that something I was supposed to write, about compiling the source? well forget that, either way.)

  • Some commands aren't relevant (?), like UPGRADE

    • Rather than have a different HELP summary for the console that removes these commands, they could just be stubs... like UPGRADE could say "you are already running the latest version".

    • ...or perhaps it would do a force refresh of the page if it checks and notices a mismatch between the last greenlit version and your current one? But that seems like make-work to me, at least at the moment.

  • Some things suck, like SOURCE. I wish we could do more here...especially in terms of pointing you at the GitHub or file location where something was defined. But I've explained some of the difficulties.

    • We need to put our heads together on that and get something that's useful.

I can't really chase down everything to make a polished experience AND do the core work. So I thought I'd pull out a call to @iArnold, @IngoHohmann, @BlackATTR and anyone else who can just start opening issues on the ReplPad GitHub and helping cross them off.

It would be great if there were PRs fixing the issues. But a lot of it isn't even about writing the code, just inventorying and deciding what things should do.

Obviously there's a whole level beyond this of having a "interactive tutorial" or cool instructional YouTube videos that might be able play in a tab while you code on the right. (Wonder if there's some easy way to get code snippets to sync with a video so people can copy from that part and try it themselves?) Some experiments in those directions would be great.

But simple steps help too. If people could get in the spirit of bug bashing and polishing...and then hopefully adding tests to make sure the efforts don't regress... I think things could get noticeably better step by step.

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Hi Brian,
Well summer holiday is coming. Have hardly seen the pool this season, let alone tipped my feet in. Too busy with the house and the work. Last weeks have been crazy full of examinations and unexpected duties at last moments notice.
Have just moments ago fixed my ubuntu upgrade wifi problem I have been suffering for almost a month now.
Really hope to get my hands free soon, possibly even to take a look at this.
Ceep it Kool!

that still works in a historical sense. Just not updated.