Databases This is for discussion of other database connectors (not ODBC) such as nosql (couchdb, mongodb), specific drivers such as mysql, sqllite, and MVC models such as Active Records GitHub List/discuss the common commands that are used when working at a simple level with git and the sources. Modules Module Development Focus Debugger It's best to walk before you run! ODBC Use this category to help test and expand the ODBC implementation and dialect for Windows ( and possibly Linux ) Ports To discuss the port model and also the implementation of ports with respect to networking. Naming Suggestions on naming new functions, and guidance on choosing names. Emscripten Emscripten builds of Ren-C Foreign inspiration Take inspiration from other languages to create the same functionality in rebol. Language Bridging Interfacing Rebol with other languages discussed here. Internals Internals of the Rebol language
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